Author - Advocate - Disrupter 

Tiffany Mensah has fifteen-plus years in Corporate America and currently works as a Marketing Project Manager. Her go-getter and positive attitude welcomes change and forward-thinking solutions to drive progress. 


While a success story on the outside, in her personal and professional life, Tiffany was met with roadblock after roadblock that began to reveal to her that while she had titles, accolades, and credentials there was a great part of her that needed much work. Tiffany is most proud of the internal and spiritual work she's done to address the childhood trauma, and PTSD, she experienced growing up in a home plagued by domestic violence.

She strives to disrupt normalized dysfunctions due to the childhood trauma impact of domestic violence and teaches values of healing, wholeness, and resiliency. 


Wife & bonus mom

Tiffany is beyond blessed to have married her best friend, the love of her life, business, and purpose partner, AJ Mensah.

Through their seven-year marriage journey, they both have been intentional in tearing down generational curses, one of those being domestic violence. AJ & Tiffany are both products of divorced homes due to domestic violence. Due to the family splits AJ and Tiffany, though 14 years apart, both traveled down paths of what the statistics say happens to children who are impacted by these environments. It took many head bumps, bruisings, and even left some scars, but they took their healing by force individually to heal from their pasts.

Doing the work prior allowed them to activate a boldness and commitment to Christ by being surrendered to #teamthree: God and each other. They’re determined to not allow outside forces and shadows of the past to come and thwart their marriage purpose and callings and to have lots of fun while
doing life together. 

Together they are the co-owners of Mensah & Co., parents to two adult daughters and a furbaby. 


The work that Tiffany did to get healed opened her eyes to advocacy. It was during her healing journey that she discovered there were a lot more people who grew up in domestic violence homes;  40 million to be exact, while an estimated 275 million are still growing up in these homes present day. These findings fueled her to launch her budding 501(c)(3), DOVES Network, which stands for Daily Overcoming Violence & Embracing Safety. The journey of recovery after experiencing and/or being exposed to domestic violence is a lifelong journey. We are committed to providing resources that bring healing after trauma by serving as a national network. We're here to help underrepresented communities take steps daily to overcome violence and embrace safety (DOVES). 

marketing maverick

Tiffany's specialties are Marketing, Advertising, Brand Strategy, Creative Services, and Project Management. These specialties have enabled her to lead change management and drive change in every organization she's been a part of. Tiffany was afforded the opportunity to have her hand in launching key initiatives time after time, as well as being a major contributor to the creative process of a global brand.


Tiffany has had her hand in the areas of TV Commercials, Local Store Marketing Campaigns, and leading six-figure marketing campaigns that generated double-digit profitability, while also receiving awards for her contributions. Awards such as being inducted into the CEO Circle of Excellence, along with Field Marketing Coach of the Year awards. Tiffany not only developed a passion to inspire and create but to pour into others' creative knowledge as well. Assisting with creative opportunities at the table while in Corporate America led to the launch of this creative agency.


Tiffany is a creativepreneur as she owns a Creative Consulting Agency, Mensah and Co. Tiffany has a passion for business owners who have a big-picture vision but need assistance with execution through the means of ideation, planning, and execution. Tiffany works tirelessly to bring the Corporate America culture of effective and efficient streamlines to businesses around the country.