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Want to have Tiffany speak at your upcoming event?

Tiffany Mensah is an International speaker and is available to speak to your organization or group, whether it's about business and/or healing trauma.

This process was a part of the journey she shares in her memoir, Forgotten: Living in the Shadows of Domestic violence, which details growing up in a home plagued with domestic violence and how its effects bled into corporate America. 

When you book Tiffany to speak: 

  • Your audience will be moved to take action by Tiffany's inspiring testimony. 

  • Your audience gets practical action steps to begin the healing process.

  • Your audience will be empowered to rewrite the narratives of their past.

Audience Thoughts

Audience Thoughts

"Tiffany has a powerful story, voice, and message. I love that she's owned her place at the table. She is the voice for the child." 

"Amazing. Tiffany's story plays a pivotal role in the lives of many who are still being haunted by their past. Your voice is a voice for those who have or are afraid to speak on this very sensitive, yet disturbing topic."

"You are amazing, Tiffany. Thank you for sharing your heart, mind, and spirit!"

"Such an amazing webinar that Tiffany presented!"

"Thank you for opening windows for those closed behind doors!"

"Thank you for sharing your experiences. Great presentation."

"Thank you Tiffany for being brave enough to speak your truth. I can remember a time when I wasn't able to articulate my story. This gives me the courage to share."

"Thank you Tiffany for continuing to raise awareness through your platform and book. This is important work you're doing. This book is touching others and helping them heal. Powerful!"

"This was such an amazing presentation!"

"What an amazing presentation!"

"Powerful, nurturing messages Tiffany. Thank you!"

"Sooooo GOOD! Though a heavy topic, I love how Tiffany handles it where everyone can relate in some capacity, and take pieces to heal."

"Thank you for this great presentation. I have learned new ways to advocate for all."

"Absolutely great. I've worked in a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter for women and children, and Tiffany's story definitely sheds light on the children and the importance of their healing."

"So happy Tiffany is using her voice to represent us, the adult children who grew up in homes with domestic violence. Thank you for your bravery." 

"I loved this, thank you so much for sharing and bringing awareness to this needed topic."

"This is the season of the forgotten who are demanding to be remembered and acknowledged, so we can heal too."

"Sooo good. Quite a lot of Tiffany's story resonated with me. I didn't realize domestic abuse was more than physical violence as that never happened to me. I related to verbal abuse and financial control. This was an angel sent to me by way of hearing your story. You will never know how much this means to me.

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