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Tiffany is available as a speaker and consultant for individuals and organizations. Tiffany not only shares the knowledge she's acquired through Corporate America, but she shares the journey she wrote about in her memoir, Forgotten: Living in the Shadows of Domestic violence which details growing up in a home plagued with domestic violence. How she self-medicated the trauma and how it bled into various aspects of her life halfway through adulthood. After acknowledging the trauma and its effects, she takes the audience on the journey of realigning her life and shows her path to wholeness. A lot of times you see the end result, without seeing the path there, Tiffany uncovers all of that. 

When you book Tiffany to speak: 

  • Your audience will be moved by Tiffany's inspiring testimony. 

  • Your audience gets empowered to go after their healing to walk in their purpose.

  • Your audience will be infused with hope to not give up on their life or themselves.

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"Sooooo GOOD! Though a heavy topic, I love how Tiffany handles it where everyone can relate in some capacity, and take pieces to heal."

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