Tiffany Mensah is a marketing maverick who managed to transition her 9-5 into purpose. Corporate liaison by day advocate and groundbreaker by night, Tiffany a survivor, has committed her life to break the cycles of domestic violence and the effects it has on the children who have lived through the turmoil.  


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The work that Tiffany did to get healed opened her eyes to advocacy. It was during her healing journey that she discovered there were a lot more people who grew up in domestic violence homes;  40 million to be exact, while an estimated 275 million are still growing up in these homes present day. These findings fueled her to launch her budding 501(c)(3), DOVES Network, which stands for Daily Overcoming Violence & Embracing Safety. The journey of recovery after experiencing and/or being exposed to domestic violence is a lifelong journey. We are committed to providing resources that bring healing after trauma by serving as a national network. We're here to help communities of color take steps daily to overcome violence and embrace safety (DOVES). 

"If there's a book you want to read and it hasn't been written yet you must write it!"

~ Toni Morrison

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Forgotten (Signed Copy)

Forgotten (Signed Copy)


Millions of children worldwide are exposed to domestic violence every year and over forty million adults grew up in homes plagued by the epidemic. Tiffany is one of the statistics and brings to life a real and raw perspective of the effects of growing up in a violent home in her new release, "Forgotten: Living in the Shadows of Domestic Violence. 

Tiffany's goals

​Through her story, Tiffany's aim is to: 

  • Drive awareness to Childhood Domestic Violence, while providing resources and initiatives to show survivors they're not Forgotten. 

  • Identify and acknowledge unaddressed issues and/or trauma that has occurred.

  • Encourage readers to take the steps to get healing from trauma and brokenness. 

  • Recognizing ways of self-medicating to cover up inward brokenness.

  • Quiet the fear and anxiety that says your future will resemble the environment you were apart of. 

  • Show you what victorious living and success can look like despite what others speak over you.

  • Initiate a conversation that evokes compassion and empathy for children and teens vs. labeling. 

  • Spark a national movement where voices of children of DV or any trauma are encouraged to tell their story of overcoming.

  • Empowering you to know you are not Forgotten!

Did you grow up in a home with domestic violence?

If you're a survivor of growing up in a home with domestic violence known as Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) or Domestic Violence, We would like to feature your story.

Tiffany Mensah in sharing her story has named it, talked about it, and owns it. Many stories that come out empower and also provide a beacon of hope for someone who may have experienced or experiencing similar. We'd love to feature your story as your story helps educate, empower, and equip readers. 

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