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Defeating Your Past Trauma Playbook


Actionable steps to overcome the shadows of your past and discover life beyond the trauma.This playbook is more than just a guide, it's your action plan for healing. Let this be the beginning of your journey to wholeness, a brighter future, where your past no longer dictates your present. Finally, Defeating Your Past Trauma, so you can live more freely, love more deeply, and navigate the world with a sense of peace and purpose.

Available Late Summer 2024

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Forgotten: Living in the Shadows of Domestic Violence


Millions of children worldwide are exposed to domestic violence every year and over forty million adults grew up in homes plagued by the epidemic. Tiffany is one of the adult CDV statistics, and brings to life a real and raw perspective of the effects of growing up in a violent home in her upcoming release. Tiffany chooses to tell her story as she strongly feels it will not only bring awareness, but it holds the key to someone else’s victory in letting them know You Are Not Forgotten.

Not Forgotten Candle

This candles fragrance is tropical citrus made with coconut wax and are gluten free, toxin free, paraben free and phthalate free. It is also renewable, vegan and non-toxic.


Support Survivors Without Blame Empathy Tee


Embrace Empathy. Support Survivors. Make a statement.


Our "Support Survivors Without Blame" T-shirt stands as a sign of solidarity and understanding in a world that often overlooks the voices of the vulnerable. Crafted with a deep sense of empathy and a commitment to social change, this T-shirt is more than just apparel – it's a statement. Wearing this T-shirt goes beyond fashion. It's about being part of a movement that uplifts and supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence. It's a way to spark conversations, spread awareness, and contribute to a culture of empathy and understanding. 


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