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Tiffany Mensah strives to lead and love like Jesus as a woman of faith. She's the wife to her best friend and purpose partner, AJ Mensah, and a fur mama to a Siberian Husky. Tiffany and AJ have become a testament to what love and purpose-driven oneness can achieve. The duo, both survivors of family histories marred by domestic violence, have set out on a mission to shatter generational curses, proving that healing, while challenging, is achievable.


The founder of the D.O.V.E.S. Network ®, Tiffany is at the frontline of ensuring teens and families impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) heal through a combination of intervention, prevention, and empowerment. Tiffany is a Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS) and ensures the unheard have a platform and a voice. Prominent collaborations with voices like Sarah Jakes Roberts and Dr. Ish and numerous heartfelt testimonials underscore her dedication and influence.

But Tiffany's impact isn't confined to advocacy alone. Behind the passionate advocate is also the sharp-minded businesswoman. A testament to her close to 20-year tenure in the fast-paced world of Fortune 500 companies such as Rocket Mortgage, Domino's Pizza Corporate, and Allstate Insurance. With a rich marketing, advertising, operations, and project management background, Tiffany has turned businesses around, led them to double-digit profitability, and crafted strategic insights that have saved millions. Her expertise in Brand Strategy and Creative Services is documented in a handprint of excellence celebrated through a series of accolades.

However, corporate success was only one piece of the puzzle for Tiffany. Driven by an insatiable desire to share her knowledge and experience, she birthed Mensah & Co. ®, a consultancy business collective dedicated to fostering business growth and success. She handholds companies and high-level business owners through their journey, helping them launch, evolve, and realize their big-picture visions with unmatched precision.

Tiffany Mensah is a unique blend of a compassionate advocate and a sharp business mind. She can be a voice for the marginalized or create opportunities at the business table. Tiffany is not just about breaking ceilings; she's about building bridges—from healing trauma to winning in life purposely!

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